Just out of hospital today (for the one of many times over the next month), and you would REALLY think that some of my close friends would at least call and ask how I am.

So far I’ve had one of my aunties and my mum call me (and Ross woke up early before I went in to wish me luck, even though he is on holiday).

No friends that I currently talk to what so ever have even batted an eye lid.

Really makes me remember why I used to cut out friends a lot back in the day, days like this I remember why I became a total social recluse and just hung about with my boyfriend/ his friends.

Sometimes I get attached to friends, and then they leave and don’t say a word. I need a friend not a boyfriend, but whenever I need it no-one is there.
What do you do when you have absolutely no-one apart from your boyfriend? 

I just witnessed a spider wrapping up a poor innocent fly with my very own eyes. All I could keep thinking about is how Frodo felt, and how terrified this poor little fly must have been, then I thought, what would Sam do? So I blew smoke on the spider and it fell and I set the fly free.

Fair enough it just dropped to the ground and never really moved but I like to think that this is my first move to becoming the superhero I am meant to be.

Absolutely LOVE people that think I stopped talking to them because I have a boyfriend now.

No, I stopped talking to you because you are a dick.

Taking my harry potter replica wand out tonight. Think I might sing ushers “I wanna make love in this club” song, but change it to “I wanna cast avada kedavras in this pub”.

I have heartburn and my mum asked me if I wanted a pickle and idk why I said yes because it felt like I was swallowing acid why do i do this to myself.

Anything for the pickle.

Work today sucked but I’m home and about to have a GOT marathon and eat pizza so I guess all is well.

I’ve been really sad since I found out on Monday that I wouldn’t ever hear properly again.

There are like slight moments of happiness when I’m hanging about with other people, but overall I just want to curl up in a ball and feel sorry for myself.

Can’t wait for Friday when I can drink all the vodka and go see my favourite band/ favourite people.

I am so done with this week already.
Time to sleep and wake up tomorrow and do today all over again..

Life is way too dull for my liking.

Timestamp: 1397000447

I am so done with this week already.
Time to sleep and wake up tomorrow and do today all over again..

Life is way too dull for my liking.

There is nothing better than hearing shitty news, feeling like crap the whole day at work, then coming home to find your mum has tidied your whole room for you and put on fresh bed covers to try and make you feel a bit happier.

I have the greatest mum ever.